At West London Pallets we are able to offer our customers ISPM15 Heat Treated Timber Pallets for export in any size and quantity. Our on-site kiln enables us to heat treat large quantities of pallets for dispatch every day.

More and more countries have now joined the ISPM15 initiative ensuring all wooden products are 'heat treated to 56c core temperature for 30mins' before entering its borders.

A product being carried on a wooden crate or pallet can be refused entry and sent back to its original country. Without the proper paperwork to prove it has been heat treated your product will be refused. West London Pallets is a member of Timcon.

What is Timcon?

Timcon is the industry trade association representing companies throughout the United Kingdom including pallet manufacturers, case makers, export packers, pallet repairers, and suppliers of both timber and manufacturing equipment.

The timber packaging industry provides a vital and indispensable service, it’s importance to the UK economy becomes more significant as global markets expand. Timcon represents over 120 companies within this sector, offering a complete interpretation and advisory service regarding relevant legislation thanks to its close working relationships with appropriate Government Departments. Timcon has a full time secretariat responsible for working with various legislative committees and for handling a wider range of services encompassing many aspects of the industry such as marketing, technical matters, seminars, public relations, education, training, publications and the industry’s trade exhibition.

The confederation has representation on the board of BREPAL - the organization responsible for the management of the 'Euro-Pallet scheme' in the UK, under license from the UK & EPAL.

Timcon in conjunction with the Forestry Commission are also implementing the “UK Wood Marking Scheme” which is to become a requirement for all timber packaging destined for export outside the European marketplace.

  • West London Pallets have their own licence to heat treat pallets and issue heat treatment certificates for the use of export.
  • West London Pallets are one of only a few pallet companies to have installed this facility, seeing it as an important service to our clients some who have to supply customers outside the eu at short notice.
  • Having our own heat treatment kiln obviously reduces the costs to our customers. As a member of Timcon we are constantly updated on any new developments in the enforcement of ISPM15 to more countries.
  • When a pallet is repaired it is no longer considered heat treated and thus must be re-heat treated and certified, West London Pallets can offer this service.
  • The costs involved in the return of products from abroad can be extremely expensive.
  • West London Pallets are able to supply new pallets of any specification.
  • All the timber used comes from sustainable forests.

with the ever changing face of the transport industry and the need for ever more efficiency, it has become important for the specification of your pallets to be perfect for you. Our ability to provide any size of new pallet makes this possible. As part of this process we offer full advice back-up if required to ensure total satisfaction .

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